Donut's "Request an Intro" feature for Watercooler channels allows teammates to be randomly matched up with someone else to chat about the topic 1-on-1 with each other. Read on for instructions on how to turn it on.

  1. Head to, click on the appropriate Watercooler channel.

  2. Under "Program Basics" navigate down to the bottom of the page.

  3. Find the section titled "Intros" + toggle this setting on.

  4. Hit "save" when you're finished editing settings.

When this setting is turned on, all future Watercooler topics in the channel will include a small "Request an Intro" button. If no one is currently waiting for an intro, the text below the button will read "Waiting for people to join."

When someone hits the button and is waiting on an intro, they will be shown an ephemeral Slack message that only they can see, letting them know Donut will connect them with a teammate once another person requests an intro.

Other teammates will only see the text that says, "Someone is ready to meet."

Once two people have hit the button, Donut will introduce them in a Slack DM so that they can chat to their heart's content, or even have a video call with one another (or meet in person if that's an option!) to discuss the topic further. In short, this feature allows people to spin up impromptu 1-on-1's to continue the conversation about a Watercooler Topic started in a Slack channel.

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