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Learn how to use Donut's AI feature to generate Watercooler topics for your channels

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Watercooler's Topic Generator is an AI-powered feature that seamlessly generates 20 unique topics for your Watercooler channel in just a few clicks!

What are Watercooler topics? Watercooler topics are prompts sent to Watercooler channels to promote asynchronous conversation and camaraderie amongst teams. These topics range from creative icebreakers to thought-provoking conversation starters that will spark engagement and connection within your team.

If you’ve already set up your Watercooler channel, you may be familiar with our Topics Library, where all topics are housed and separated into different packs, such as DEI Mini Actions or Favorite Things. However, if you’re looking for even more topics for your channel, you can have AI generate it for you.

How to Generate Watercooler Topics with AI

  1. Login to your Donut Dashboard here

  2. Click the ⚙️ gear icon for the channel you’d like to add topics to

  3. Click the “Topic’s Queue” tab

  4. Find the button that says “Generate Topics”

Before clicking “Generate Topics” make sure there's at least 2 relevant topics already in your queue. These can be custom topics or ones selected from our library. Our AI will use these topics in your queue to generate similar ones.

That's it! You’ll instantly receive 20 topics, relevant to your queue. From here, you can choose to import all or some of them into your queue or edit the topics.

To learn more about Watercooler channels, click here.

Have additional questions about our Watercooler feature? Chat with us using the purple chat button on the lower right hand side and we'll get you squared away 🍩

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