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How to create Custom Donut Watercooler Packs
How to create Custom Donut Watercooler Packs

Here are the steps to setting up a Custom Watercooler Pack with your own topics or topics from other packs.

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Donut Watercooler channels come with a library containing numerous Watercooler Packs curated by the Donut team and our partners. In addition to the packs we provide, you may also create a custom pack of your own! Custom Packs can include new topics that you create or borrowed topics from other packs.

💡 To create Custom Packs and edit other settings of a Donut Watercooler channel, you must be a Channel Admin.

  1. Login at

  2. Go to "All Channels" in the left sidebar menu

  3. Locate the Watercooler channel you want to add a Custom Pack to and click the gear icon⚙️ to access the settings.

  4. Then, go to the Topics Queue tab.

5. Click the Browse Topic Library button shown on the right side of the page, and select Create a Custom Pack.

6. A modal will appear where you can start adding details about the pack:

  • Title: The full title of the pack, which will appear in the Packs Library of any Watercooler channel in your workspace.

  • Nickname: If this pack is added to a Topics Queue, the nickname will appear in the tag shown at the top of the page and in the “Pack” column:

  • Description: The explanation of the pack.

  • Icon: This icon will serve as an identifier in the Packs Library.

Checking off the box next to "Allow this topic to be included in Donut's Library" will share the topics in your Custom Pack with the Donut team. Please see our FAQs about sharing custom topics to learn more about this.

To add topics to the pack, you may click the Add Custom Topic button or the “in the packs library” hyperlink below:

As you begin to add topics to the Custom Pack, the hyperlink mentioned above will no longer be shown. If you’d like to bring topics from other packs into the Custom Pack, you can find them in the Packs Library and select Add to other Pack:

Want to make any changes to the topics after adding them to the pack? You have several options for customizing the pack further:

  • The up and down arrows can be used to rearrange the topics.

  • The Edit button will allow you to adjust a Custom Topic’s message and GIF

  • The Remix button, shown under topics that have been pulled from other packs, will allow you to customize the topic to your liking.

  • The Remove button will successfully exclude any topics from other packs.

The last step to implementing your Custom Pack is hitting the Subscribe to Pack button! (The pack's name on this icon will change to match the pack's title). This will add the pack to your Topics Queue.

Custom Pack FAQs

Q. Can I see who last edited a Custom Pack?

Yes! Under the description, you can see the username of the teammate who previously made changes to the pack:

Q. Where can it be found in the Packs Library?

All Custom Packs will be shown at the top of the library.

Q. Will I be able to add the Custom Pack to any Watercooler channel in my workspace?

Yes! Once the pack is created, it will appear in the Packs Library for selection in all of the Watercooler channels that your team has.

If you have any questions not covered in this article or would like to provide feedback about this feature, please reach out to our Support team. We can be reached at or by clicking the purple Intercom button at the bottom right to chat with us.

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