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Free Plan: FAQs

Find out what's included and get answers to the most frequently asked questions about Donut's Free Plan.

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What's included in the Free Plan?

The Free Plan includes one Donut Intro channel per Slack workspace. It will match up to 24 people per round into groups of 2 (in other words, it will make one dozen matches per round). Scheduling is made easy with Google Calendar + Outlook integrations, plus you can use our Zoom integration to start meetings directly from Slack

Also, one Donut Watercooler channel can be added to your workspace. It will include 12 default topics that will recycle once used.

With Donut Celebrations, your team can celebrate up to 24 people's birthdays and work anniversaries in one channel. Celebrations will include the default messages. To customize these messages, please upgrade to a paid subscription.

What happens if we have more than 24 people in our Donut Intros channel?

If you have more than 24 people in your Donut channel, you can continue using the Free Plan and Donut will cycle through the people in the channel each round.

The 24 people selected each round are random, so some people may get selected twice in a row, while others may have to wait a while before they get their first intro.

Can I change the group size for our Intros? Why did we get one group of 3?

The Free Plan only includes pairs of 2. If you'd like to customize group sizes, please upgrade to Standard or Premium.

If you find that sometimes your team has a group of 3 getting introduced, this is because your team had an odd number of people in the channel. When this happens, Donut makes one trio group to make sure no one is left out.

Can I customize the intro message?

We include both our "Classic" and "Remote" intro messages on the Free Plan so that you can choose the best option for your team. Further customization requires an upgrade to a paid subscription.

Who has permission to edit our Donut channel settings?

If you want to know who has permission to edit settings for your channel, log in to the dashboard and click your channel. Navigate to the "Access" tab.

If it says "only people you specify," then it's set to only you and approved editors. If it's set to "anyone in your Slack workspace" then all users can currently edit settings. You can adjust who has access anytime (just be sure to save when you're done editing!).

My Slack workspace already has one channel. Can I create a new one on the Free Plan?

Right now, Donut's Free Plan only includes one channel per program (Intros, Watercooler, or Celebrations). If you want to create a new/additional channel(s), you'll need to upgrade to Standard or Premium.

How can my team schedule their Donut meetings?

Teams on the Free Plan can use any of Donut’s calendar integrations to help your team schedule meetings. Read more about our calendar integration and video conferencing options here.

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