If your team is using Donut Intros to connect with one another, sometimes you might want to explore reporting and insights in order to get a better picture of how it’s going. There are a few different ways you can explore stats on your Donut Intros: with in-Slack notifications, in an email report, or from your Intro channel settings from the dashboard.

Where to find your Donut channel

  1. Log in onto your dashboard

  2. Click "All Channels" in the left navigation

  3. Click the "Donut channels in your workspace" tab

  4. Find the channel you'd like to edit and follow the instructions below.

Viewing Reporting from the Dashboard

Looking for details about your Donut Intro stats each round? You can access Intro channel reports anytime from the dashboard and see real-time stats in between intro rounds. To access these reports:

  1. Login at app.donut.ai with your Slack credentials

  2. Find the channel you'd like to learn more about and click the chart icon

You'll land on the Program Hub, where you can view high-level channel stats, adjust the date range to your liking, and even download reports by clicking on the cloud icon.

Monitor Participation on the Members Tab

The Members tab allows Admins on paid plans a deeper look at participation in the channel. To get there from the Dashboard, find the channel you'd like to learn more about and click the happy face 🙂 icon next to it.

The Members tab shows how many members are in the channel, who has opted out, and who has been ghostbusted for inactivity. This is a great way to get a quick read on individual engagement with Donut.

Note that this page is only accessible by channel owners and users with editing permissions on our Standard and Premium plans.

Pro Tip: With an upgrade to our Premium Plan, Admins can also edit a teammate’s status for them - helpful if someone is on vacation and forgot to snooze themselves, or if you’d like the option to un-ghostbust someone yourself.

View and Export Channel Stats

You can also download CSV reports for individual Donut channels, allowing you to manipulate the data, dig deeper into the story of your team's connections over time and share reporting insights with teammates.

Pro tip: You can filter to the specific date range of the report you want

Email Reports

Here's a sample email report for your reference:

How Do I Set Up Email Reporting?

If you'd like to receive the report, just sign into your account at donut.ai using your Slack credentials for your Workspace, and select the gear icon next to the channel for which you'd like to receive reports.

Navigate to the "Personal Settings" tab and you'll see a switch for the email report. Don't forget to hit "Save!"

When are Reports Sent?

These reports are sent in the afternoon after your next round of introductions so that participants have time to answer their participation polls (and your report contains useful information!)

You can see when your next report is scheduled to send right next to the toggle option.

In-Channel Stats

You can also have Donut post some very basic stats in your Intro channel after each round. This is a great way to keep the team excited and engaged with Donut intros.

How Do I Set Up Stats In-Channel?

Sign into your account at donut.ai using your Slack credentials for your Workspace, and select the channel for which you'd like to enable in-channel stats.

In the "Integrations & Add-ons" tab, you'll see an option for posting stats in the channel under the Channel Engagement section. Toggle this on to begin receiving an update in your Intro channel from Donut after each round of intros.

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