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A Slack DM to two or more roles or people

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Group Messages are a new type of message within Donut Onboarding. With Group Messages, there can be up to 8 specified recipients in a group DM. The first person is typically the new hire or participant. The other people can be:

  • Specific roles like the participant's buddy or manager

  • A customized list of specific individuals

Creating a Group Message

To create a Group Message, follow the same steps to creating a basic Donut message.

In the "What is it?" section where you write the message, select "Group Message" on the left.

The message you write will be the introductory message. Then select which specific roles or individuals to include in the group message. You can include up to 8 specified recipients.

Introducing to Roles

You can use this option to introduce new hires or participants to key roles like their manager, buddy, or cross-functional partners. Some potential use cases are:

Reconnecting with Recruiters:

"Hi @[New Hire] — just wanted to reconnect you with @[Recruiter] from your hiring process. Remember they’re always another friendly person who can answer questions!"

IT Support
"@[New Hire] I wanted to introduce you to @ [IT support1] and @ [IT support2] who can help with any account or device issues as you're getting set up. Don't hesitate to reach out to them if you have any tech requests!"

Manager + HR Business Parter Sync
"Hi @[Manager] and @[HRBP]:

It’s been 45 days since @[New Hire] started on [date] — how are they doing? compare notes here to make sure you’re in sync."

Introducing to Specific Individuals

You can select specific colleagues for the new hire or participant to connect with. Some example messages include:

Promotion Logistics

" @[New Manager] Congrats on the promotion! @[HR] @[Janice Evans] Let's use this message to discuss the details - new responsibilities, direct reports, compensation changes, etc." (In this example, Janice would be the new manager's supervisor).

Team Intros
"Morning folks! Excited to introduce @[New Hire] to the team. @Patricia, @Lee, @Melvin - please use this DM to welcome our new team member!"

Intros to Key Collaborators
"Hi @[New Hire]! I wanted to connect you with @Harold and @Alexa, our team's PM and Designer. Use this DM to get up to speed on the product requirements and design flows"

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