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Set up Onboarding messages to take a consultative approach connecting new hires with key teammates.

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"Intros selected by manager" is a new Journeys Message type that enables managers to expand their new hire's network. Allowing managers to intentionally build internal networks for their new hires by specifying teammates they should meet, providing context, and automating scheduling those meetings.

How is this different from the Intro Message type? Intros selected by manager allows managers to choose a series of people for new hires to meet, automatically schedules those meetings, and provides a reason for meeting to make the time meaningful.

Messages are discrete, sequenced communications that live in Journeys. You can read more about messages, including how to create them and what kinds of messages Donut supports, here.

What does it look like in Slack?

Once a Journeys admin configures the template in the dashboard, the new hire's manager will receive a scheduled Slack message that will allow them to choose who the new hire should meet and what the purpose is for the meeting.

Clicking "Select intros" will trigger a popup window where the manager can select multiple teammates who the new hire should meet with and provide context for their discussions:

Click Next to review the information that was entered and Confirm to save the changes:

Once the manager confirms, employees will receive a Slack message directly from Donut that they've been selected to meet with a new hire.

If the participants have not authorized their work calendars with Donut, they will see an option to connect their calendar so that Donut is able to automatically schedule meetings as intros are made:

Donut will automatically make one Intro per week via DM to both participants in Slack, and will include context for who requested they meet and why. Meetings are automatically scheduled for both participants, though they can reschedule if they'd like to find another time.

⚙️ How to set it up:

1. Head to the All Journeys page in the Donut dashboard and find the Journey you'd like to edit (or create a new one).

2. Add a new message, and select Intros selected by manager on messages menu shown below. The message you are scheduling is the one that will be sent to the manager soliciting intros for their new hire (and can be scheduled for before the new hire's start date).

3. Customize the copy of the message to the manager asking them to share recommendations for who their new hire should meet, and even add a gif if you'd like! Press "Done" once you're done.

4. You're all set! 🎉 A message will be scheduled to be sent to the manager. Intros will be automatically scheduled 1x per week, and participants can reschedule as they see fit.


What if someone is on PTO?

If someone doesn't have available time on their calendar for the week they are introduced, Donut will attempt to look for up to 4 weeks. The introduction itself will still go out on the Monday of their week, but the meeting will be scheduled for a later time, potentially after their return.

Can the Intros be edited after they are selected by the Manager?

Not at this time. Once the Intros have been selected, they are not able to be changed. If you need any assistance, please click the purple icon in the bottom right for help from our support team.

When will the first Intro go out to New Hire?

If the message to the Manager goes out anytime prior to a New Hire’s start date, Intros will start going out during week 2 of a New Hire's start date. If you decide to send the selection message after a New Hire has started, Intros will start to go out the Monday after the message to Manager’s has been sent.

What if I don't want Intros to be every week?

Managers are able to skip a week by no inputting a name in the field for that week. You can select up to 10 Intros to go out for each message.

How does Donut know calendar availability when making introductions?

If at least one person has their calendar authenticated, this allows Donut to automatically schedule a time for the meeting.

Important: Donut can schedule the meeting even if only one person has authenticated their calendar, but it will only consider the availability of those who have authenticated their calendars. For complete availability consideration, it's recommended that both parties authenticate their calendars.

Who will schedule the time for the New Hire to meet each Intro?

Donut will automatically create a calendar event when making the introduction. There will be an option for either person to reschedule the event should the time that Donut selected not work for them.

Can you have someone other than the Manager or New Hire?

Absolutely! This message type was designed with Managers and New Hires in mind, however you can select any two roles to facilitate these types of connections. For example, you might want someone on your People Team to select a couple of introductions for a New Hire along with their Manager. In this case, you would create 2 separate messages!

What happens if the New Hire hasn't joined the workspace when the Intro is scheduled for them?

If the New Hire hasn't joined the workspace, Donut wouldn't be able to generate an Intro with them, so Intro scheduled for that week would be skipped and unable to be rescheduled.

❓ Questions? Feedback? Please feel free to reach out to our support team by clicking the Donut icon in the lower right corner.

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