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Introduce your new hires to someone specific or someone random

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Intro is one of the special types of Messages. With Intros there are two recipients instead of one, and Donut will send a message to both of them together in a group DM. The first person is the new hire or any Role of your choosing. The second person can either be:

  • A second Role of your choosing (e.g. the new hire's buddy)

  • A person selected randomly from a channel of your choosing

Introducing to another Role

You can use this option to introduce your new hires to specific people, like their buddies or managers. For instance you can send a message like,

"Hi @{new hire}, meet your buddy, @{buddy}! Find a time to grab coffee sometime this week."

Introducing to someone random

You can use this option to introduce your new hires to a random volunteer from a social channel for coffee or lunch, or strategically connect them with someone random from each department.

Creating an Intro

To create an Intro, follow the same steps as creating a basic Message. In the "What's it for" section, where you write the message, select "Intro" on the left, which will add some options specific to Intros.

The message that you write here will be used as the introductory message, so write something like "Do your 30-day check-in!" or "I've matched you two for lunch this week!"

Then select who you want the introduction to be with:


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