Onboarding Message Examples
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For Managers & Buddies

  • Reminder the week before that they have a new hire starting next week

  • Reminder on new hire’s 1st day for manager or buddy to take them to lunch

  • Manager 1-1 check in → “Did you do a 1-1 with your new hire this week?”

  • Link to existing manager resources (i.e. 1-1 best practices, manager training) 

  • Buddy checklist → send new hire buddies a checklist of things they should do

For New Hires

Tips / Info

  • Welcome message on first day → “Welcome to Hooli! We are so excited to have you as part of the team! My name is Donut and I'm here to guide you through your first couple of weeks 🍩” (can include link to company wiki, form to fill out, orientation schedule, etc.)

  • Send info on any new hire or company events (e.g. company happy hour) happening over first couple weeks

  • Spread out general company info over first few weeks/months (e.g. info on company wiki, org/seating chart, etc.)

  • Send list/directory of Slack channels that they should join (i.e. #coffee-buddies!)

  • Send interesting articles written about the company or link to a company blog

  • Send daily fun facts over the first couple of weeks (e.g. fun facts about company, office, team, co-workers, etc.)

  • Can include info on company events, clubs to join, interest groups, etc. 

  • Can collect from managers, new hire buddies, other co-workers, or reuse material that’s already been collected i.e. recycle fun facts about previous new hires so new employees can get to know their other teammates


  • Daily poll on how their day was for the first week or two 

  • Weekly poll on how their week was for the first month or two 

  • Collect feedback on onboarding process → after 1 month, ask for feedback

  • How was the onboarding process? Any feedback? Anything you would improve?

  • What’s one thing you wish someone had told you your first week? 

  • Is there anyone at the company you want to meet but haven’t yet?


  • Automate new hire intros their first week to a buddy or mentor at the company 

  • Pair new hires with volunteer lunch buddies W-F of their first and second weeks

  • Pair new hires with a random lunch buddy each week over first month or two 

For Others

  • IT → week before, send reminder to IT to set up computer, email account, etc. 

  • New Hire Trainers → automate reminders to anyone involved with training prior to the sessions they’re involved with 

  • CEO → reminder to CEO that new hires started this week & to go say hi to them

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