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What are Onboarding Journeys? 

Donut Journeys in the Onboarding category allow you to set up an automated employee onboarding program, giving all your new hires the information they need when they need it, and helping them get to know your team and company better. It also keeps other stakeholders, like managers, in the loop and helps them welcome their new hires better. Learn more about why onboarding matters and how we can help.

How does it work?

Donut automatically sends scheduled messages and polls, makes introductions, and assigns tasks to your new hires, managers, and anyone else involved, all via Slack.

Donut provides an admin platform to manage the onboarding process, where you can set up the automated schedules and content as well as monitor your new hires' progress.

How does Donut help with onboarding? 

  • Operationalize your existing onboarding program with scheduled flows that are triggered when new hires start 

  • Automatically send timely, relevant messages, notifications, polls, and more to new hires, directly within Slack, so they never need to leave their workflow 

  • Incorporate social and cultural onboarding to help new hires connect with their teammates and company

  • Track every new hire's progress and seamlessly manage the entire onboarding process in one place

  • Empower all teams and managers to create structured onboarding processes, share best practices, and onboard more effectively

  • Can be used by HR, Operations, IT, individual teams, managers, or anyone else involved in the onboarding process!

Onboarding Features Explained

Onboarding Journeys help you automate every key step of onboarding, from making targeted introductions to gathering feedback, eliminating the need for you to send constant manual reminders. With Donut Journeys you can:

  • create a buddy or mentor system

  • use polls to collect new-hire feedback after one week, 30 days, and 90 days

  • send nudges to managers before 30/60/90 days reminding them to schedule check-ins with their new hires

  • create an unlimited amount of fully customizable templates and messages 

  • add roles beyond just buddy and manager (for instance, team-specific mentors, IT, recruiters, etc.)

  • send important pre-boarding content to managers and other stakeholders before a new hire starts (such as reminders to a manager to set up a new hire's desk)

  • create role, department, or geo-specific onboarding paths so that, for example, an engineer in London would receive different content than a marketer in NYC

What are some of the things I can do with Donut? 

👶  New-hire tips
Send new hires helpful tips, fun facts, reminders, and other important information to help them get up to speed faster.

👵  Manager reminders
Set reminders and tasks for managers and other stakeholders starting with pre-boarding, to 1-on-1 meeting reminders, and more.

📊  Weekly feedback polls
Gather regular feedback with pulse polls to understand how your new hires' first few weeks and months are going.

👋  Buddy system
Easily implement a buddy system for your new hires.

📅  30-60-90 day check-ins
Automate reminders for managers to do 30-60-90 check-ins with their new hires. 

🍔  New-hire lunches
Connect new hires with someone new for lunch over their first few days and weeks.

🛠  Team and functional onboarding
Make it easy for hiring managers to onboard their new team members and share best practices internally.

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