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How To: Use Journeys Reporting for Tracking Onboarding Progress
How To: Use Journeys Reporting for Tracking Onboarding Progress

Want to monitor new hire progress? Here's how.

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Dashboard Reporting

Donut collects information from new hires, buddies, and managers depending on what content you've decided to include in your onboarding process. These data points are separated into three categories: polls (feedback from new hires on how they're doing), intros (introductions to buddies), and tasks (reminders to managers about 30/60/90-day check-ins).

To access data on a new hire class, find the class you'd like to review on the "New Hires" page, and click the bar graph.

You'll be able to view aggregate responses for the entire class across three tabs. Hover over a bar graph to see who gave what response.

Select the bar graph for a more detailed view of who responded and what they said.

πŸ’‘ Pro Tip: Filter reports by templates and time to quickly find your onboarding data!


Email Reporting

We can also send you a weekly summary via email. If you'd like to receive these reports, click on "Settings" under "Journeys" in the left sidebar menu just below Roles.

Hit the Notifications tab, and select which templates you'd like to receive email summaries about next to "Weekly Summary Email". The templates will autofill as you search for the name of one. Click save to remember these settings.

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