Donut for Buddies: What to Expect

Wondering what it means to be a new hire's buddy? Read on to find out how the buddy program works.

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Congratulations on being an onboarding buddy for a new hire! Here's how Donut will help make the buddy program run smoothly.

Donut will use Slack to help run our onboarding buddy program, send important information and reminders, and to collect helpful feedback to both you and new hires.

You and your new hire buddy will be receiving messages periodically from Donut, so please keep an eye out (and tell them do to the same)!

What kinds of messages will I receive from Donut? Where can I find them?

Your team uses Donut to run your onboarding buddy program, so you'll likely be receiving multiple kinds of messages from Donut.

Reminders + Tips

Your team may be sending you important reminders about your new hire buddy's start date, or guidelines for what being an onboarding buddy entails.

You'll see these direct messages from Donut under "apps" in your message list in Slack.

An Introduction to Your Buddy

You'll also be introduced to your new hire buddy via Slack! Donut will send you a 3-way direct message under the "direct messages" tab of your message list in Slack.

You'll be able to start chatting and find a time to meet or Zoom right there. Donut will also check back in later to see if you've had a chance to meet or not.

Have more questions about how the buddy program works? Click the purple chat button on the lower right hand corner to connect with our support team!

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