What to Send New Hires

Need more ideas about what to send new hires? Check these out below.

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Examples from our "General (Sample)" flow: 

Welcome message – welcome to company & introducing who Donut is

"New to Slack?" message – send basic guides and info on using Slack

Intro to new hire buddy – connect them via Slack so they can find a time to meet

"Joining Slack channels" message – encourage new hire to join more Slack channels, list some examples of popular channels, and highlight Donut pairing channel (if using our intro bot) so they can meet more people at the company

Check-in pulse polls – at end of first week, second week, and end of first month

Other ideas of what you can send new hires:

Introduce yourself in #general – message on first day telling new hires to send a Slack message and /giphy to the #general channel introducing themselves

Send email introducing yourself – message telling new hires to send an email to the team introducing themselves (sometimes including a fun fact or other specific info) 

Benefits reminder – initial info on enrolling in healthcare benefits, and follow up reminder before enrollment period ends

Slack team guidelines/best practices – can include a link to a doc that explains how people use Slack at your company (i.e. expectations, general hours to be available, when to use Slack vs. email, list of Slack channels they should join, etc) 

Company knowledge base – link to company knowledge base and how to use

Company directory / org chart – link to the company directory & org chart with any related information 

Commuter benefits, Gym membership – or info on any other perks offered & how to sign up for them 

Links to any press/articles about company that are informative – sometimes it's something the CEO/Founder has written, or an article that highlights something important or interesting about the company

Links to company social media pages – (promote them, follow/like them, info on who contributes/adds to them, etc)

Company happy hours or events – does the office go out for monthly happy hours? Do you host "Wine Wednesdays" in the company kitchen? Let new hires know about any events they can attend, or if there's a social calendar they can access 

All-hands meeting reminders – let new hires know about any weekly team meetings that they should attend, and anything else they should know about them 

Job Referral programs – Terms of the job referral programs and any active job postings

In-Office and other company policies – company policies that may be helpful to know such as the guest visitor policy, office floor plan, how to book conference rooms and any info on shared company calendars

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