What's a Role?

A New Hire, Participant, Manager, Buddy, or anyone else that is involved in Donut Journeys and should receive Messages from Donut

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When you add a Message to a Journey you have the option to choose which Role to deliver it to. This allows you to not only send messages to new hires, but to other key stakeholders such as managers, new-hire buddies, or anyone else.

Customizing Roles

By default Donut will come configured with three roles: New Hire, Manager, and Buddy. You can add and remove roles by clicking "Roles" in the left nav below "Donut Journeys." You can also add and remove Roles while creating a new Message.ย 

Choosing Roles for Messages

Every time you create or edit a Message you can select which Role it is delivered to. This allows you to add Messages like reminders to managers and buddies โ€” and these can even happen before a New Hire's first day.

Assigning Roles when you add New Hires

When you add New Hires or participants you will have a slot for each Role next to each new hire. This allows you to assign whichever employee is filling that specific role for each new hire.

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