Message Type: Add to channels (selected by manager)

How to set up a streamlined method for managers or designated roles to select and add team members to specific Slack channels.

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With this message type, managers or designated roles have the ability to select the Slack channels where new hires or specific team members should be added. This feature simplifies processes and facilitates efficient channel management within your Slack workspace

Adding Roles to Channels with Manager Selection

Here’s how to utilize the Add to channel (selected by manager) message type:

  1. Find the Journey you'd like to edit and click Add Message.

  2. Specify Recipients: Identify the roles, such as "New Hire," that you want to add to specific channels.

  3. Channel Picker Role: Designate a role, typically the manager, who will select the channels to which the specified roles will be added.

  4. Craft Slack Message to Picker: Donut will send a Slack message to the designated role, prompting them to select the channels for the specified roles. The message template includes placeholders for role names and dynamic variables.

  5. Channel Selection Timing: Determine when the channel selection message should be sent. You can choose to trigger the message based on specific timing, such as 8 work days before the start date of an event or program.

  6. Click Create to save.

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