Message Type: Schedule a Message to a Channel

Want to send messages to a channel of people rather than an individual? Here's how to do it.

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Messages are the building blocks of all Donut Journeys. They determine how and when Donut will interact with your new hires, participants, and other stakeholders on Slack. You'll create Messages, and build them into Journeys programs, to create your desired experience. All Messages consist of three main components that you get to set:

— the message Donut will send on Slack
Recipient — who Donut sends the Message to
Timing — when Donut sends the Message

Post to Channel

When creating a new message, you'll now have the option to have Donut post in a channel (messages will be visible to all members of that channel) rather than only to individual recipients or in a DM. Posting to channels is a great option for general announcements that you wish to be seen by many team members at once. 

To Add a Message to a Channel

In the left sidebar menu select All Journeys and click the Journey you want to add a channel message to. Once you're in the calendar view, hit "Add Message" on the date you'd like a message to send to get started.  

Select "Message to a Slack Channel" then complete the following fields:

  1. Under "Who's it for?" search the available channels to find the name of the channel where you would like your message to be posted. 

  2. Under "When is it for?" select the time of day you'd like the message to send.

  3. Write the message you want to post in channel inside the purple text box. You can include information, tips, links, or anything else in the text box. 

  4. Hit "Create" to save your updates.

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