How To: Schedule Email Messages in Donut

Steps for setting up messages to be delivered as emails (rather than a Slack message) in Donut.

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Sometimes you might need to send content as an email, rather than as a Slack message — for instance, you might like to send pre-boarding emails to New Hires before they join your Slack workspace.

You can schedule email messages in your Donut templates for New Hires, Managers, or other stakeholders as needed. Read on to learn how to use this feature.

Adding Personal Email Addresses for New Hires

In order for Donut to send your New Hires emails before they start, you'll need to add their personal email address. You can set this up when creating the New Hire in the dashboard. 

  1. Under "Who is the New Hire?" select "I know their work email"

  2. Insert their work email address 

  3. Input their personal email if you wish to send pre-boarding emails before thier Slack account is created.

*If the new hire has a Slack account, emails will be sent to the associated email. If they don’t, pre-boarding emails will go to the personal email entered here. We recommend waiting to add new teammates to your Slack account until they have officially started.

The Basics of Creating an Email Message

  1. Login at

  2. Select the template you'd like to add an email message to.

  3. Create a new message

  4. Decide who it's for, what time, and what day you want it to send

  5. Under "What is it" select "Email" as the message type

  6. Type your message and hit "save"

Subject Line & From Address

You'll need to create a subject for the email & select who the email should appear "from" — all to the email replies will go to the "from" email address. 

Emojis & Mentions

You can still use emojis, and @mention roles such as @Manager. When you mention roles, it will automatically populate with the user's name. 

Scheduling Emails to Other Roles

You can also schedule messages as an email to other roles. When you choose a role or a specific user under "Who's it for?" in the message creation page, Donut will email the user at the email address associated with their Slack account.

Previewing Your Message

The right side of the screen will display a preview of the email message so that you can get a sense of how it will look in email.

Have questions about how to set up and use email messages? Feel free to open the purple Intercom button in the bottom right corner and send us your questions! 

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