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How to: Edit Settings in Donut's Microsoft Teams App
How to: Edit Settings in Donut's Microsoft Teams App

Learn about accessing and editing your settings in Donut for Microsoft Teams.

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πŸ’‘ The settings module for Donut in Microsoft Teams can be accessed and edited by all permissions levels, including participants. If you are not the person who originally installed the app to your team/channel, you will be asked to "add" it individually first before you can configure any settings.

Finding the Settings Hub

  1. Open Microsoft Teams and select Chat in the left sidebar menu

  2. Click Donut to open the chat with Donut.

  3. Type "settings" in the text field at the bottom (1) and click the send button (2)


  4. This command will prompt the settings module to appear:

Here, you'll have access to...

Frequency & Scheduling

  1. Click the βš™οΈ Settings button for the channel you'd like to edit.

  2. Use the options shown to adjust the Frequency, Next Intro Date and Time, and change the Timezone.

    Selecting the "❌ Opt Out" button will end your participation in that channel's Intros program.

Snooze Intros

  1. Select the Open button next to "Snooze Intros πŸ’€"

  2. Use the date picker to postpone your involvement in Intros until a specified date.

Don't Pair Me With...

  1. Select the Open button next to "🚫 Don't pair me with..."

  2. Type in the name of the person you would like to avoid Intros with. Avoiding teammates is completely confidential.

🍩 As an early adopter, you get free usage of Donut Intros on Microsoft Teams for a limited time.

Have questions? Contact us

Feel free to click the purple Donut icon at the bottom right to chat with us and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.

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