How To: Manage Your To-Dos in Donut

Learn more about how to find and manage your tasks in Donut's dashboard.

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What are To-Dos?

To-Dos serve as your personal record of all tasks assigned to you as part of your team's Donut Journeys. To-Dos help each individual involved a Journey to take ownership of tasks that have been assigned to them. Everyone can view and complete their own tasks directly from the dashboard (read on for more details and a sample announcement for your team).

Example To-Dos:

Who has access to To-Dos?

Any user can login and see their To-Dos. Each user's tab will only display tasks that have been assigned to them. This means that some users may not have any assigned or completed tasks in their list. To-dos will be particularly helpful for:

  • New Hires — view outstanding & completed tasks throughout onboarding

  • Managers — stay on top critical tasks like scheduling 1:1s, check-ins, and more

  • Trainers — ensure that each new participant is set up for success

  • IT Support — ensure that equipment & systems are setup for each new hire

How do I find my To-Dos?

  1. Login to with your Slack credentials

  2. To-Dos can be found under Donut Journeys > My To-Dos in the left sidebar menu

What are the different statuses of To-Dos?

Tasks in your To-Dos will show up as one of three statuses:

  • Open - a task that was sent, but never completed

  • Done - a task that you marked as complete (either in Slack, or from your To-Dos)

  • Dismissed - a task that you dismissed by clicking the "dismiss" button in Slack

You can easily filter your To-Dos by status to narrow down what is displayed. 

How do I complete a To-Do item?

Next to each open task in your To-Dos, you'll see a purple "Complete" button. Hitting this button will mark it as done for reporting purposes and stop any future reminders you were scheduled to receive regarding the open task. 

Can I filter by New Hire or Participant?

Sometimes team members (such as Managers, Admins, etc.) have tasks to complete for many different reasons. To-Dos can easily be filtered by New Hire or Participant. Simply select the individual you'd like to view from the drop down:

How can I make sure my team knows about their To-Dos?

Great question! You can post an announcement in an appropriate channel in Slack to let your team know. We've created a sample announcement which links directly to To-Dos in the dashboard:

"Hi team! 👋

Just a quick announcement to let everyone know that starting today, you can log in to Donut's dashboard to view any open or complete onboarding tasks you've been assigned! ✔

Head over here and log in with your Slack credentials to view your To-Dos:"

Have additional questions about using To-Dos? Just click the purple Intercom button in the bottom right corner and we'll be with you shortly. 

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