Admin Types and Permissions

Learn more about the different admin types in Donut and how to manage permissions.

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Account Admins 💸

Who an Account Admin is: By default, the person who initiates a paid plan for your team will be the main Account Admin/Account Owner. They may add additional Account Admins on the billing page in the dashboard:

To add additional Account Admins:
1. Login with your Slack credentials at
2. Click Billing from the left sidebar menu.

3. Go to the Account Admins tab.
4. Search for the Slack user and add them to the list.

On this tab, you can also transfer the ownership of your account to another person by clicking the Transfer Owner link next to your name.

Account Admin permissions: Account Admins can manage the billing details for your team and access your entire invoice history. Also, Account Admins can change the settings of Donut channels in the dashboard (with the exception of private channels they’re not a member of).

Wondering what billing details can be updated? Please see the following:

1. The payment method from which we collect your subscription dues.

2. The plan your team uses (Account Admins can upgrade or downgrade your plan).

3. Your team's billing email and physical address.

💡 To learn more about managing your billing settings, please see: How Donut Billing Works.

Channel Admins ⚙️

Who a Channel Admin is: By default, the person who creates a Donut channel will be the main Channel Admin/Channel Owner. They may add additional Channel Admins by editing the "Access" settings of the channel.

To add additional Channel Admins and restrict who can edit your channel:
1. Login with your Slack credentials at

2. Go to the Donut channels in your workspace tab.

3. Click the gear icon for the channel you wish to edit.

4. Go to the Access tab.

5. Next to Permissions, you may change the setting from "Anyone in your Slack workspace" to "Only people you specify."

6. Add Slack users for who you want to have editing permissions to the list.

Channel Admin Permissions: Channel Admins can change the settings of the Donut channel in the dashboard.

💡 To learn more about the various settings that can be managed, please see our articles on Intro Settings, Watercooler Settings, or Celebrations Settings.

Onboarding Admins 💻

Who an Onboarding Admin is: By default, your team's main Account Admin/Account Owner will also be the initial Onboarding Admin. Additional Onboarding Admins can be added here or by following these steps:

1. Login with your Slack credentials at

2. Click Onboarding in the left sidebar menu.

3. Select Settings from the list that appears below "Onboarding."
4. On the Admins tab, click Add Admins.

Onboarding Admin Permissions: Onboarding Admins can create, edit, and view Templates and New Hires.

💡 To learn more about managing Onboarding permissions, please see our "Onboarding Admin Permissions and Notifications" article.

If you have any questions or feedback, please click the purple intercom button in the bottom right of your screen to open up a chat with our support team!

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