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How To: Set Up Sales Demo Buddies
How To: Set Up Sales Demo Buddies

Introduce your account executives for sales demo shadow and feedback sessions. Set it up in 10 minutes or less.

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Practice makes perfect, which is why sales demo shadows are so effective. Introducing account executives to one another to shadow sales calls creates a positive improvement loop: they'll learn from each other's successes, and offer constructive feedback that up-levels the whole team.

💡Sales demo shadowing is one of the top habits of effective salespeople according to Hubspot. 

Create a Intro Channel

Getting started is as easy as setting up a Slack channel for sales demos and inviting Donut to join. You can find complete setup instructions here.

Make Your Sales Demo Shadow Program Effective

There's no one right way to run a sales demo shadow program, but we have a few tips on making it successful:

  1. Keep your group size at 2 and set your frequency to every 4 weeks. That will give pairs plenty of time to find and schedule the right shadow call, and to give feedback. 

  2. Announce the program to your sales team via Slack and/or email. Incentives for demo completion can be a helpful motivator.

  3. Set expectations by customizing your intro message with instructions, information, or helpful links.

  4. Check your reports to see if account executives have had a chance to meet, and whether they left any feedback.

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