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How To: Set Up Code Review Pals

Pair up engineers for code review and feedback sessions. Setup is quick: it takes just 10 minutes or less.

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Peer-to-peer learning is one of the most effective ways to ship better code and to ensure continued growth for your team. A code review pal program is the best way to make it happen: just introduce engineers for a review and feedback session, and watch the magic happen.

💡Engineers at Medium use code review buddies to ship code faster and better.

Create a Intro Channel

Getting started is as easy as setting up a Slack channel for code reviews and inviting Donut to join. You can find complete setup instructions here.

Make Your Code Review Pals Program Effective

Every engineering org runs differently. Here are a few ideas for getting code review pals up and working smoothly:

  1. Keep your group size to 2 (if there's an odd number of people in the channel, there will be one lucky group of 3). Smaller groups means more focused feedback.

  2. Announce the program to the team during an all-hands or sprint planning, and follow up with a written announcement via Slack.

  3. Consider offering instructions, information, or helpful links in your intro message.

  4. Don't forget to check your reports to see if code reviews are happening, and whether your teammates have left any feedback.

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