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Learn how to introduce people on your team multiple times per week.

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If you'd like your team to get introduced with each other more than once per week, you can set the frequency to "multiple times per week" and select individual days of the week you'd like Donut to introduce teammates. 

Whether you want to introduce people every day, or just a few times per week, you can find the right fit for your team.

This is especially useful for teams that don’t see each other everyday. A quick daily 1:1 video call with someone familiar can go a long way!

How To: Increase Intro Frequency

You can visit your Donut dashboard any time to view or change the Intro channel's settings for your team, including how often people should be introduced.  Here's how:

  • Login with your Slack credentials at app.donut.ai

  • Find the Intro channel you wish to edit and click on the gear icon to get to the settings

  • Go to the Timing tab

  • Scroll down to the Frequency

  • Click the drop down and select "Multiple times per week"

  • The dashboard will display buttons for each day of the week

  • You can click to select or deselect certain days

  • Click "save" when finished editing

  • That's it! Now Donut will start introducing people multiple times per week on the selected days of the week

For example, if you wanted to have Donut intro people on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in your Intro channel:

If you have any questions or feedback about this feature, don't hesitate to hit the purple intercom button in the bottom right to start chatting with us.

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