What is auto-enroll?

Auto-enroll is a feature that allows us to automatically detect when new users join your Slack workspace and start sending them onboarding content.

You won't have to log into the dashboard to upload new hires or trigger any content manually, which makes this an easy and seamless solution for most of our starter teams.

Do you send to single- or multi-channel guests?

We do not send onboarding content to single- or multi-channel guests by default, even if you use auto-enroll. Only full Slack users receive auto-enroll content.

If you'd like to send onboarding content to guests, contact us using the Intercom button and we'd be happy to help.

How can I be sure contractors or interns won't receive this onboarding content?

If you'd like to use the auto-enroll function, we recommend making contractors or interns single- or multi-channel guests on your Slack workspace.

If that's not preferable or possible, you're welcome to opt out of auto-enroll and manually add new hires to the dashboard. We'll only send content to the users you specify if you opt out of auto-enroll.

What if I need to send new hires in different departments or different offices different onboarding content?

We can't differentiate content by role, department, or office location using either auto-enroll or the starter pack.

If you'd like to upgrade to premium in order to build custom onboarding paths, contact us with the Intercom button in the lower right-hand corner of the page and we'll be right there!

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