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Help teammates get to know each other with Donut's "Favorite Things" feature
Help teammates get to know each other with Donut's "Favorite Things" feature

Learn how to utilize Favorite Things for a more personalized get-to-know-your-teammates experience.

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Looking for more ways to engage your team in meaningful conversations and help them really get to know each other? Sometimes trying to find commonalities with one other can be challenging, especially when some teammates are working remotely while others may be together in a shared office space.

Donut's 🌟 Favorite Things can help your teammates get to know each other on a more personal level. By creating lists of their 🌟 Favorite Things, teammates can easily find shared interests, hobbies, learn about each other's favorite movies, foods, music, and more.

*Favorite Things are separate from Donut's Watercooler prompts. If you're interested in learning more about Watercooler prompts, you can find more information here.

How It Works

If your team has activated this feature for a Donut intro channel (more info on how to turn this feature on and off below), you'll see a 🌟 Favorite Things prompt at the start of every new Donut intro.

As Donut sends out Intros it will randomly pick one of the questions answered to share. These responses can serve as ice-breakers when they meet. Now when teammates join their Donut meetings, they already know a few things about each other, and they may even see things they have in common!

If you've also decided to use the 🌟 Favorite Things Watercooler topics, Donut will randomly choose 3 answers collectively from the team and pose a question or fun fact, like the example here:

Donut will also sends a pop-up prompt when a teammate joins a channel in your workspace, encouraging them to start filling out their own Favorite Things.

How to Turn Favorite Things On/Off From the Dashboard

Turning Favorite Things on and off in the dashboard is simple:

  1. Login at

  2. Find your Intro channel in the dashboard

  3. Click the settings gear on your Intro channel

  4. Under Engagement, scroll down until you see "Favorite Things"

  5. Toggle the switch on or off as needed

  6. Save when finished!

What will Favorite Things look like for my team?

Teammates can always access their Favorite Things to review or update their responses by clicking on the 🌟 My Favorite Things button in their Home Tab:

From here, Donut will open a pop-up where they will be able to fill out questions in each of the categories! πŸŽ‰

*Please Note: Donut will share real answers entered in 🌟 Favorite Things for Intros and in Watercooler topics.*

🍩 Need more help? Just click the purple chat button or email and we’ll help you out!

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