If your company has multiple offices you're probably all too familiar with time zone conversions and horrors. Here's how time zones fit into Donut.

Onboarding Templates

When you add Messages to an Onboarding Template you'll notice that you choose a day and time for Messages, but not a time zone (or date). This is because Templates can be applied to a new hire with any start date and in any time zone, ensuring that Messages are sent at the right time for every new hire based on their start date and time zone. You can forget about doing any time zone math when you're building flows.

Adding New Hires

When you add new hires you can set the time zone for each new hire. This ensures that if a Message is scheduled for, say, 1 p.m. then they will actually receive it at 1 p.m. in their local time.

Shifting time zones

You can update a new hire's time zone at any time — just go to the New Hires page. If you make a change to their time zone once they've already started onboarding then all the remaining Messages will be sent in their new time zone.

Example: Suppose your new hires travel to HQ for their first week and then return to their local office after orientation. You'll want to update their time zone when they go back to their local office.

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