How Do I Add New Hires in Journeys?

Add your New Hires to Donut with their start dates, and assign templates to them, and Donut will begin onboarding them.

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Once you've created an Journey, you can add your New Hires, along with their start dates, so that they receive the Messages you added to your template(s).

When you onboard New Hires in Donut you need to provide a few key pieces of information for each new hire:

  • The date the new hire is starting. 

  • The new hire's time zone, so that the Messages will send at the correct time in their local time zone.

  • The new hire's Slack name or company email address. Let us know who the New Hire is on Slack. Or if their Slack account doesn't exist yet, just enter their company email address and Donut will find them when they sign up for Slack.

  • Name, Slack name, or company email for any other Roles. E.g. the New Hire's Manager or Buddy. Just start typing their name or email address under the appropriate Role and autocomplete options will appear.

  • The Journeys you'd like to use for each new hire. This controls which Messages the new hire and associated Roles will receive. As an example, you may have an "All New Hires" or "General Onboarding" Journey that you apply to everyone, and more specific Templates like "Mobile Engineer" or "NYC Office" that include additional information and Messages. You can select one or multiple Templates for each new hire.

Add One New Hire at a Time

To add one New Hire:

  1. Go to the New Hires tab in the left navigation and select Onboard New Hire near the top right.

  2. Select the start date and time zone for your new hire, then hit Add New Hire.

  3. Fill in the rest of the information, as described above, and then hit Add New Hire.

Add Multiple New Hires

If your team is growing rapidly then you probably have a bunch of new hires starting all on the same day. In this case you can add them to Donut all at once:

  1. Go to the New Hires tab on the left menu and select Onboard Multiple near the top right.

  2. Select the start date and time zone for your new hires, then hit Add Multiple. Don't worry — if your new hires have different time zones you can choose them on the next step.

  3. Use the grid to fill in the info for all your new hires. Use the Add Row button if you need space for more new hires. Or copy and paste all your info from a spreadsheet — see below for more.

Pro Tip: Copy & Paste into Donut

Many teams already have a list of the new hires, their managers, and other associated people collected in a spreadsheet, so we designed Donut to allow you to copy and paste all of this directly from a spreadsheet. 

On step 3 for adding multiple New Hires you can copy & paste a list directly from your spreadsheet, as long as your columns are in the same order. And don't worry if it looks like there aren't enough rows — we will automatically add enough rows if you paste a list that's longer than the number of rows shown.

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