What is Donut Celebrations?

Simplify sending work anniversaries and birthday celebrations by having Donut automate them for you.

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Celebrations channels automate work anniversaries and birthday messages within a designated Slack channel. Donut simplifies the process, ensuring inclusivity in congratulatory moments without the need for complicated reminders for your People team.

Adding Dates 📆

Adding dates is simple. Admins can:

If you'd like step by step instructions on how to setup a Celebrations channel, click here.

💡 Participants always have the option to individually decide which dates they’d like to celebrate, if any at all.


Celebratory messages sent by Donut can be customized according to your team's preferences. Admins can:

  • Limit messages to only Work anniversaries or Birthday Celebrations

  • Select a preferred time zone and send time

  • Select a cadence between Daily, Weekly or Monthly.

    • Please note: Weekly & Monthly messages will be grouped automatically and cannot be ungrouped. Donut offers admins the option to group Daily messages by celebration type, as well.

  • Add fun customizations such as emojis and GIFs

Custom Celebrations

With Donut, you can celebrate dates beyond anniversaries and birthdays! With our Custom Celebrations, teams can add other important dates or holidays you’d like to celebrate with everyone. Using Custom Celebrations can be helpful for significant company milestones such as founding anniversaries.

You can learn more about custom Celebrations here.

To view a list of Celebrations FAQ's, click here.

Have questions or feedback? Just click the purple intercom button in the bottom right corner of your screen to open up a chat with our support team!

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