How much does Donut cost?

Donut pairings are free for you to use. You can have as many pairing channels and as many people participating as you'd like!

How do I install Donut?

Setup is quick and easy! Just invite Donut to join a Slack channel of your choice. We have more info on setup and announcing Donut to your team this way.

Do you have any reports available for Donut pairings?

We sure do! You can receive reports via email with information on how many pairs were made and met. They're easy to set up, and are sent Wednesdays the week after pairings are made.

Can I change any Donut settings like pairing frequency, group size, or intro message?

Absolutely! We offer the ability to customize pairing frequency and group size, as well as the freedom to write your own intro message. At the moment, we do not support custom check-in messages.

Can I use Donut pairings in more than one channel?

Yes, you can! You can invite Donut to join as many channels as you'd likeā€”it's all free. Many teams customize channel by team, office location, interest, preferred frequency, and more.

Is Donut compatible with Slack Enterprise Grid?

Donut works in public channels within one Workspace in Enterprise Grid Slack accounts. We don't currently support pairings for Enterprise Grid shared channels, but we're working on it!

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