How to: Use Multi-poll messages

Learn how to set up multiple-question polls in Donut.

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Polls are one of the special types of Donut Messages that you can use to gather feedback from New Hires, Managers, and other stakeholders.

If you have multiple questions you'd like to ask a recipient, you can use Donut's multi-poll feature to create a series of questions for them to answer directly in Slack that will be delivered in a single message.

Users receive multiple poll questions in a single Slack message:

How to: Use Multi-poll Messages

  1. Login to the dashboard at

  2. Select a Template

  3. Create a New Message (or alter an existing one if it's a Poll)

  4. Select "Poll" as the message type under "What Is It?" 

  5. Hit the button that says "Add Another Question" to create multiple questions

  6. Save your message when finished!

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