Remote-friendly and custom intro messages

Learn how to turn on our pre-built intro message for remote teams to set expectations on how to have successful virtual Donut meetings.

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For fully remote or partially distributed teams, Donut meetings are a great way to stay connected and facilitate relationships.

You can change your intro message from the Classic default messaging, to our pre-built Remote messaging. The Remote intro message helps set expectations for remote teams to help make Donut meetings successful for teams working from home or across the globe.

How To: Toggle on a Remote Intro Message

You can visit your Donut dashboard any time to view or change the settings for your team, including the intro message.  Here's how:

  1. Login with your Slack credentials at

  2. Click the gear icon for in the lower right hand corner of the Intro channel you wish to edit

  3. At the top of the settings, click "Program Basics"

  4. On the Program Basics Settings page, scroll down to the bottom

  5. Select the "Remote" intro message radio button. If you'd like to use a Custom message instead, you can Select "Custom" and then create your message

  6. Hit "save" when you're finished

  7. That's it! Now Donut will send the remote-friendly intro message the next time it introduces people from your channel

You can also customize the message with an upgrade to one of our paid plans. Learn more about what's included in our paid plans here. Want to see some other suggestions for making Donut more remote friendly? Check out our blog post on making the most of Donut when working from home.

If you have any questions or feedback about this feature, don't hesitate to hit the purple intercom button in the bottom right to start chatting with us!

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