Can I pay for just my team?

How to set up payment for just your team's specific Donut channels, without paying for the entire workspace.

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Yes! If you wish to upgrade and pay for your only your team's channels, you can do that from the billing page or by reaching out to us at Read on to learn more.

How to set up payment for just your team:

  1. Login at

  2. Click "Billing" in the left menu

  3. Select the plan that you want

  4. Go to "Payment Method" and add your credit card

Once you have set up payment, head back to your billing page and you might see this checkbox that says "automatically assign all new Donut channels created by anyone on my team to my account". Make sure this box is unchecked.

If you do not see the check box on this page, it means this option is already unchecked for you on the back end

The billing page is also where you can review which of your Intro channels you're responsible for. If you need to make any changes to which channels are showing up, please reach out to support and we'll be able to help!

What if the Billing page shows that someone else is paying?

If you go to the billing page and find that someone else is currently paying for Donut for your entire Slack workspace, but you need to pay your bill separately, you can reach out to us at We can help you get set up with your own billing account.

To learn more about billing, read our help article on how billing works.

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