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How do I pause or skip Intros for the whole channel?
How do I pause or skip Intros for the whole channel?

If you’re a channel admin, you can adjust settings at to pause intros for your Donut channel.

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Is your team going to be out of office for a while (e.g. around a company holiday) or need a break from Donut Intros for a bit? You can pause Donut Intros for your team by either postponing the date of your next Intros or deactivating the channel for an indefinite amount of time. Read on for step-by-step instructions of each option.

Pausing Intros until a later date

Start by signing into Your Dashboard and clicking the gear icon to access the settings for your Intro channel.

Once you access the settings, click the “Scheduling & Meeting” tab at the top of the page.

Look for the “Next Intro” drop down, which will open a calendar of dates. You can select a future date for your next batch of Intros. This allows you to effectively pause Donut Intros for a number of weeks and have it automatically start up again at a later date.

Pausing Intros indefinitely

If you would like to pause Donut indefinitely you can head to the Access tab at the top of your settings page, and hit the “Deactivate Channel” button.

*Note this only deactivates the current channel. If you have Donut in multiple channels and need to pause them as well, be sure to deactivate those channels by going to the settings for each one. Don’t forget to save when you’re finished!

You can check the status of each channel in your dashboard at

If you’re a channel participant (not the channel owner) and want to pause or snooze for just yourself, click here for more info on how to do that.

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