If you're ready to set up your team's first (or tenth!) Donut channel but aren't exactly sure how or what kind of connection program you'd like to run, you can browse Donut's Connections Programs in the dashboard.

Pro Tip: Ready-made connections programs are available on both of our paid plans (Standard and Premium).

Find a program you'd like to implement and get started with just a few quick clicks:

  1. Login to the dashboard at app.donut.ai/coffee

  2. Scroll down beneath any current channels you've already set up

  3. Look for the section that says Available Connections Programs

  4. Browse and click "Get Started" on any connections program that interests you. (note: our Free Plan includes one free Intro channel)

  5. Once you click "Get Started" a new page will open up, where you can select which channel you'd like to use. The settings to create the program will already be selected, but you can adjust as you see fit.

What sorts of connections programs are available?

From Remote-Friendly Connections to Manager Meetups, we've got a ton of different programs available (and more coming!). Here's a running list of the ones you can check out and try for yourself:

InVision's Remote-Friendly Connections: Build community and create belonging like InVision, one of the world's largest fully distributed teams.

Okta's Virtual Coffee Program: Give your remote team opportunities for human connection through biweekly virtual coffee chats.

Selfie Contest: Compete against other teams to see who can create the best selfie! (Designed to run alongside the Selfie Contest Watercooler pack. Start by installing the Selfie Contest Intro program and we’ll walk you through how to add the Watercooler pack along the way!)

Mistake Party by LifeLabs: Encourage learning, experimentation, and innovation by inviting employees to share work and life failures in a safe space.

Empathy Accelerator by LifeLabs: Help employees rapidly build empathy and difficult conversation skills around what they don’t have in common.

DEI Mini Actions: Small exercises to start practicing ideas of inclusion and equity on a regular basis. (Designed to run alongside the DEI Mini Action Watercooler pack. Start by installing the DEI Mini Actions Intro program and we’ll walk you through how to add the Watercooler pack along the way!)

Buffer's Peer Masterminds Program: Create deeper cross-team connections by assigning peers for a 1-hour Masterminds session once per quarter.

AnswerLab's WFH Buddies Program: Introduce WFH pros to remote newbies for bonding, support, and tips.

Manager Meetups by LifeLabs: Help your managers connect, grow, and feel supported by offering manager peer mentor circles. Create a #leadership channel and invite your managers to join in.

Allyship in Action by LifeLabs: Foster meaningful dialogue and shared accountability for behaviors of inclusion. Create a channel and invite everyone to join - especially your senior leaders.

Get Intros to Another Team/Department: Increase collaboration by introducing people from different departments or teams (such as introducing sales and engineering, etc.)

Intro teammates across offices or regions: Minimize the distance between teammates by introducing people from different offices or locations.

Create a code pals program: Ship better code and ensure continued growth for your team by matching teammates up to review code together.

Set up sales demo buddies: Create opportunities for continuous feedback by matching up sales team members to shadow each other's sales calls.

Run a lunch lottery: Create an automated lunch lottery where Donut selects one group who "wins" a sponsored lunch each round.

Create a CEO coffee lottery: Randomly select one or more lucky winner(s) to grab coffee and meet with the CEO during each round of intros.

Launch a mentorship program: Create a skill-specific channel (like #public-speaking) and intro self-identified mentees who want to learn, with mentors who want to teach.

For a full list of everything you can do with Donut, check out our help article on different types of connections programs.

Questions? Feedback? Email us at support@donut.ai or hit the purple Intercom button in the bottom right corner of the screen and we'll get back to you soon!

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