One of the most powerful ways to use Donut is to build specific Onboarding Templates that apply to different sets of new hires, built by different people at your company. E.g. someone on the engineering team will build Templates for onboarding engineerings, and someone on the sales team will build Templates for onboarding salespeople.

All Admins are able to view each other's Templates, which allows everyone to share best practices and view all of the Messages that a particular new hire will receive.

However, once your team has many Templates, things can get a little unwieldy, so we recommend you establish a naming convention, similar to the way that many teams have standard Slack channel naming conventions.

Most teams have a "General Onboarding" or "All New Hires" Template, but there are often department and even role-specific Templates. For example if Engineering, Sales, and Customer Experience are all building Templates, you could prefix each Template name with their department:

  • CE – agent

  • CE – manager

  • Eng – mobile

  • Eng – platform

  • Sales – AE

  • Sales – SDR

All Templates are ordered alphabetically when you view them on, so this will keep a given team's Templates together.

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