Company vs. Team Onboarding

Think of onboarding as a layer cake. Or an onion.

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When a new hire starts, they have a million things to do β€” from administrative tasks like enrolling in benefits, to learning about the company's values, or getting to know all their new colleagues.

Some of these onboarding items are relevant to every single new hire and are often orchestrated by the People, HR, or Learning team. But some of them are relevant only to new hires in a certain department or team, or even in a specific role, and these are usually orchestrated at the department or team level.

With Donut, you can add Admins from every team that's involved in onboarding processes to help with coordination and to share best practices. We recommend the team or person responsible for general company onboarding build an Onboarding Template that applies to every new hire, but other stakeholders build additional Templates for their specific teams (e.g. someone on the sales team can build a Sales Template).

When you add new hires to Donut you can then simply give each new hire all the Templates that apply to them. Once you've done that you can click on any individual in the New Hires section to see exactly what Messages they will get based on the Templates you assigned.


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