I have questions about my bill.

Read on for FAQs around bills and receipts.

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Need help understanding your bill? No problem - we have the answers! Here's what you can learn about in this article:

How can I get a copy of my invoice?

Please note: Only Account Admins and Account Owners can view and download invoices.

All of your invoices are accessible from the dashboard on the Invoice History page.

Below are the few simple steps needed to grab a copy of your invoice:

  • Once you have signed into your Donut dashboard at donut.ai, please click Billing from the left sidebar menu.

  • Next, click the Invoice History tab at the top of the page:

  • Your account's entire Invoice History will appear. To view and download a copy of an invoice, click the View button at the end of an invoice's row:

  • A new browser tab will open, where you can click Download Invoice to get a copy.

I don't understand why I was charged the amount I was charged.

We're sorry to hear you're confused! Whether you're on Standard or Premium, your bill will reflect the number of active users on your account.

Standard pricing is based on the number of people participating in all of your Donut channels:

Billed Annually

1-24 participants: $49/mo

25-49 participants: $99/mo

50-99 participants: $199/mo

100-199 participants: $399/mo

Billed Monthly

1-24 participants: $59/mo

25-49 participants: $119/mo

50-99 participants: $239/mo

100-199 participants: $479/mo

Premium pricing varies depends on the number of people in Donut channels and premium templates:

Billed Annually

1-24 participants: $99/mo

25-49 participants: $199/mo

50-99 participants: $399/mo

100-199 participants: $799/mo

Billed Monthly

1-24 participants: $119/mo

25-49 participants: $239/mo

50-99 participants: $479/mo

100-199 participants: $959/mo

You can see your number of active users (and next payment estimate) in real-time on the billing page, or check your receipt from Stripe which details how many users you're billed for.

I see adjustments on my receipt, and the bill is more or less than I expected.

How Donut handles tier changes depends on whether your team is on a monthly plan or an annual plan.


If you change billing tiers mid-month, we pro-rate your bill for the remainder of the month to make it as fair as possible. Pro-ration will show up as adjustments on the receipt you receive via email from Stripe.


we’ll automatically adjust and charge or credit you for the difference and send you an email invoice showing what changed. If you’re on a monthly plan, we adjust on the next bill.

How does pro-rating work?

What does pro-rating mean? In short, we adjust your bill to account for when your team moves from one billing tier to the next. This applies whether you drop up or down a tier, so you may notice either a surcharge or a credit as a result of billing pro-ration.

If you have any questions about how pro-rating works, or believe your bill is incorrect, reach out via the purple chat button in the lower right-hand corner of the screen, and we'll address it for you ASAP.

There are more users than I anticipated, and I'd prefer to pay just for my team.

No problem! You're welcome to pay individually for channel(s) that belong to your team. Send us a chat detailing which channel(s) you’d like to pay for, and we'll walk you through the next steps.

My team needs to downgrade or cancel our plan. What do I need to do?

If you have billing permissions, you can downgrade your plan from Premium to Standard by selecting the Standard plan on the billing page in your Dashboard.

To cancel, select the free plan instead.

Once you cancel your team's paid subscription, no further payments will be taken, but we do not refund payments already made.

Please note: if your team is on an annual subscription, we recommend first sending us an email at support@donut.ai so that we can assist you with your cancellation.

Is Donut pricing in USD or another currency?

All Donut pricing is USD. If you have any questions about currency, please reach out.

How can I update the billing email or credit card?

Account owners can update the billing email or credit card info anytime right on the billing page in the dashboard. The account owner is the person that originally selected the paid Donut plan and added the credit card.

Need to add an address, change a company name, or specify a VAT for my receipt?

We're happy to help! Just hit the purple chat button, and we'll take care of it ASAP.

I can't seem to access billing settings. What's going on?

If you're not an account owner, you won't be able to see the "update billing details" button on the billing page. If you still need to make changes, reach out to the account owner or hit the purple chat button and we'll be right with you.

I can't find my receipt in my email. How can I get another copy?

We're happy to send another copy your way. Contact us via the purple chat button, and please be sure to include the email address where we should send the receipt, as well as the transaction month.

Can I pay for my subscription using a method other than a credit card?

Unfortunately, Donut currently only accepts payments for our monthly and annual subscriptions using credit cards.

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