Message Type: Task

Send a Message that includes a task to complete, and remind them about it until they complete it

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Task is one of the special types of Messages. Donut will send a specific task to complete along with the Message, and a "Complete" button. If they don't click "Complete" after a certain number of days then Donut will start reminding them to complete it on a daily basis until they do.

Creating a Task

To create a Task, follow the same steps as creating a basic Message. In the "What is it" section, where you write the message, select "Task" on the left. Now you have some extra fields to set up your Task.

First fill in the message that should be sent with the Task, which can explain the rationale or context for the Task, e.g. "We have all new hires introduce themselves to the team in Slack." Then type the actual Task itself, e.g. "Introduce yourself in #general."

Finally, choose how many days after the initial notification you would like Donut to send a reminder. E.g. if you create a Task for day 2 and the reminders are set to begin in 2 business days, then beginning on day 4 the new hire will get a message every 24 hours reminding them to complete the Task until they click complete.

Note that the reminder messages will contain the Task text (e.g. "Introduce yourself in #general"), but not the message text.


If you have several items you want to remind New Hires or stakeholders to complete, you can use Multi-task Messages to bundle tasks together and keep everyone on track. Simply hit "Add Another Task" beneath your first task to add multiple tasks to the message. Learn more about using Multi-task Messages.

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