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Transitioning Donut Journeys to Someone Else On Your Team
Transitioning Donut Journeys to Someone Else On Your Team

Moving on or need someone else to take over managing Donut for a while? Here's how to make sure your team doesn't miss a beat.

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Whether an admin on your team is moving on or you just need someone else to manage Donut for a while, here are 5 simple steps to make the transition successful. 

  1. Log in to your Dashboard and add the new team member who will be managing Donut as an admin to your dashboard. For more info on how to do this, you can read our quick tutorial on how to add admins to Donut

  2. Have them watch this quick and simple 5-minute video tutorial to bring them up to speed on how Donut for Onboarding works. 

  3. Add them to any templates (including locked templates) that they will need to be able to edit as an admin.

  4. Have them sign up for Journeys notifications. The new admin will have to log in to the dashboard and set up their notification preferences on their own. Read more about setting up your notifications.

  5. Have them sign up to receive future reports of Donut stats for your team. Have them go to Settings > Notifications. Next to "Weekly Summary Email" they'll select which templates they want to receive weekly reports about.

Pro Tip: If you're leaving and transitioning Donut over to someone else, make sure you scan any templates for messages that are scheduled to go to you in the future. You'll want to be sure you change those messages to be sent to the new admin. 

A Note About Intros, Watercooler & Celebrations Channels

If your team is also using Donut Intros, Watercoolers or Celebrations, be sure to give your new Donut admin access to manage channels going forward by learning how to add an admin here. Making someone an admin for Donut Onboarding does NOT automatically give them full permissions for Intros, Celebrations or Watercooler channels. 

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